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Take time to smile February 2, 2007

Filed under: Not-So-Random Thoughts — hazelin @ 2:51 am

When I learned ‘You Are What You Eat’, I realised I wasn’t nuts.



3 Responses to “Take time to smile”

  1. Awin Says:

    Are you SURE? 😉

  2. farah azmi Says:


    apa kabar?
    erm ini blog kak lin melbourne ke?

    kalau ya. igt sy lg farah macquarie 🙂

    yg akak bw bjln2 di summer yg lalu bsama2 nisak dan durra..

    miss u walaupon kite br bkenalan.. rs spt sdh knal lama.. hope to c u soon.. iA

  3. musawwiratul jadid Says:

    adakah itu alasan tak nak makan kacang?

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