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HSE Alert: The Red Tide February 17, 2009

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The Red Tide Phenomenon

The Red Tide Phenomenon

Sabah State Health Director has recently issued a public health statement, urging the public to exercise caution when consuming seafood especially shellfish such as oysters. This is due to the occurrence of a Red Tide phenomenon detected in the waters off West Coast of Sabah.

What is Red Tide?

Red tides are caused by the growth and accumulation of microscopic algae (single-celled marine plants) called phytoplankton. The growth explosion becomes so large and dense that it sometimes renders a brownish-red color to the sea. Among thousands of species of these microscopic algae, a few dozen produce toxins that are amongst the most potent known to man. The neurotoxin producing Phytoplankton are eaten by oysters, mussels and other bivalves. Some fishes also eat this microorganism and the other sea life that feeds on them thus rendering them toxic as well.

How does it affect you?

It will affect you, your family and friends if during this time you would still go out and eat this tainted oysters, mussels other bivalves and fishes. Better be cautious than sorry. The toxins can cause food poisoning.

What are the signs and symptoms of this food poisoning?

They are:

– Diarrhoea

– Abdominal cramps

– Nausea

– vomiting

– Numbness

– Dizziness

– headache

What you must do?

If you have the above symptoms after eating seafood you should immediately seek treatment at the nearest clinic or hospital.

But best of all avoid eating Seafood for a while until the phenomenon is over. Remember your health is your wealth.

Thank you, take care of your health and have a nice day.

Industrial Medic
Health Safety & Environment Dept
PCSB Sabah Operations


6 Responses to “HSE Alert: The Red Tide”

  1. Salam kak lin…owh…jadi yang dulu2 saya kena food poisoning pas makan seafood sebab phytoplankton tu la ea??? hehe… doakan sya selalu.. Ingat daku dalam rabithahmu..

  2. hidayah Says:

    Pensyarah saya cakap ‘Red Tide’ memang kerap berlaku di Sabah.

    ‘Ya Allah, jadikanlah tradisi-Mu dalam melaksanakan ketetapan dan peraturan alam membawa hikmah kepada kami’

  3. hazelin Says:

    The Next Syahid: Always in my prayer, insyaAllah 🙂
    Hidayah: Ya, satu fenomena yang menginsafkan.

  4. irshadian Says:

    hoho those crustacea very sedap la huhu, sep duit tak makan bendalah tu, no more pasar pilipin

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