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What’s up? May 11, 2011

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Oh, dah lamanya tak menulis.
Many things happened interesting enough to be shared but i just managed to write them down in my head.

1. Returning back to office after a luxurious maternity leave. I only had less than two months to complete all kpis that i promised to do in my performance contract. Alhamdulillah mama n cik ah were here to accompany us (i mean aadil n i since baba still away). Jazakumullahu khairan, only Allah can pay back all your good deeds. They were here for two months, with the hope that aadil would be prepared to be sent to nursery at the age of four month.

2. We are finally together as Wan family! Alhamdulillah! Allahu akbar! Penantian n doa hampir 2 tahun akhirnya termakbul.. Bila dah rasa nikmat living together under one roof, rasa hilang penat lelah duka luka waktu berjauhan. Ini baru secicip nikmat duniawi.. Teringat satu hadith yg lbh kurg mafhumnya:
Org yg paling nikmat d dunia, apabila d celup dgn satu celupan d neraka dia lupa semua nikmat dunia seolah tidak pernah merasa nikmat dunia.
Org yg paling susah di dunia, dimasukkan ke syurga sekelip mata, dia lupa semua kesusahan dunia seolah2 tak pernah mengalami kesusahan dunia.

Semoga dapat kukecapi nikmat syurga.. Amin..

3. Aadil will be 7 months next week!!! How time flies!! He’s doing amazing, growing up and developing new skills over the time at his own pace (yes, every baby’s development is unique). Now preparing himself for crawling- lifting up his butt/ back, doing stationary swimming (rupa macam nak berenang tp tak gerak ke mana pon). Mama n baba know that it’s time for us to also prepare the house to be child proof. Ouh, he’s also advancing his verbal skill. Dah pandai sebut mamama when he wants to be fed and say bababa when he needs nappy change! Clever boy 🙂

4. After some hesitation and thirough life cycle cost analysis, i finally got myself an iphone4. Yes, might be a bit late as the next generation of iphone is emerging soon anyway. Well, i aint an into-latest-cutting edge-gadget kind of person. As long as it can serve my need, i can live with just a basic laptop and handphone. But with additional roles and responsibilty, i decided to make some investment so that i can serve my role more effectively and efficiently. So this lil gadget in my hand comes with this oath. Huhuhu..

I think enough for now. Pen off.


5 Responses to “What’s up?”

  1. kaila Says:

    Jln.Griya <Musi Permai Blok B5

  2. irshadian Says:

    saya selalu singgah di sini..kak lin huhuuu

  3. Amal Harun Says:

    macam mana boleh ada plug in ini?

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