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Abang December 14, 2012

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ImageOh boy, you grow up so fast that we almost lost track of you!

Aadil is exactly 2 when his sister arrives (a pretty good timing so mama and baba can save on a shared birthday cake :)). Most of parenting notes describe young toddler at this age as TWO terrible, TWO troublesome. Heheh, it is somehow true.

Aadil is just TWO active! The only time to see him stay put is when he’s asleep or when he’s busy with gadgets like iphone, ipad – which is bad, i know :(. He’s now has become a chatterbox too. He tries to imitate every single thing that he hears – every word that people around him say and every sound that things around him make! Seriously, TWO cute!!!

I think his brain is developing very fast at this stage that we as parents should not taking it for granted. I have put less attention to Aadil towards final weeks of pregnancy and let Abu Aadil to spend most time with him as a transition stage before the arrival of the sister. Alhmdlh now after berpantang, i hope to be able to spend more time with him and become his first and best teacher đŸ™‚

We are sending him to school next year for 2 main reasons:
1. Hope to reduce his exposure to tv n gadgets
2. Improve his socializing skill.

If he got to learn something new at school at this age; that will be a bonus as in KK we dont have the luxury of various montessories or child care that offers both good islamic and academic learning syllibus. So, we have no choice but to homeschool Aadil and become his best and most favourite teachers.


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  1. fitri Says:

    mcm kak lin

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